Friday, May 2, 2008

Southern California's LARGEST FREE Concerts Series

Lake Arrowhead's FREE Concert Series BEGINS; May 2, 2008 (edit/delete)
Finally, Southern California's LARGEST FREE Concert Series begins...Tomorrow! The first group to be entertaining us is "THE BEACH BOY TOYS--Beach Boys Tribute. How fun will this be?
Seating is first come, first serve. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets for the grass, picnic baskets and enjoy. However, if you want a table, you can make reservations by calling 909-337-2533. Concerts begin at 5:30 (some at 4:30, check dates). Go to LAKE ARROWHEAD VILLAGE CONCERT SERIES for ALL dates, times and entertainers' information.

CHECK THE LINK ABOVE-Lake Arrowhead Village Concert Series for Sat. and Sun. entertainers.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My favorite Eatery in Lake Arrowhead

OMG; my favorite place to eat is the Belgium Waffle Works, Inc in The Village--lakeside--in Lake Arrowhead. Always fresh. Always warm. Always YUMMY! They don't even have to advertise...because there is ALWAYS a line. BUT well worth any wait you many have. The waffle I usually order? The one with strawberries, buleberries, bananas and oddles of whip cream.
Oh yeah...they also have terrific salads and sandwiches.
It won the Inland Empire's BEST Breakfast award.

Dogwoods in Lake Arrowhead

Today, as I was driving home from The Village, I decided to buzz up Kuffle Canyon Rd. And just as I suspected, the Dogwoods are waking up. Kuffle Canyon is the best place to view these amazing if you have a chance--and make sure you find a chance--drive up Kuffle and take it all in.


I LOVE discovering the history about an area...and Lake Arrowhead has plenty. The first bit of history is its name: Originally Lake Arrowhead was called "Little Bear Valley." Why valley was tagged on, I have no idea. On the following links, you'll learn about the first white man to the area, to the story about the new Lake Arrowhead Village and what happened to the OLD one.
Here are some key points about OUR history here in Lake Arrowhead, CA (obtained from the Chamber of Commerce and Rim of The World Historical Society). Enjoy!

  1. Before the first white man, there were Paiute Indians who used the mountain as hunting grounds.
  2. First road up the mountain was built in 1852 (can you imagine that feat?)
  3. 1860: the logging industry
  4. 1891: Businessmen chose Little Bear Valley as a spot for a reservoir
  5. 1912, the Dam was 80% completed
  6. World War II, Lake Arrowhead Village was a popular place for R & R for servicemen
  7. 1946: Santa Anita Race Track bought the lake and surrounding properties, known as Arrowhead Woods.
  8. 1960: Businessmen from LA built our 18-hole golf course
  9. 1979, the Village WAS burned down (learn why from the link below)
  10. 2008--TODAY!
    And out find much, much more at:
    Lake Arrowhead History/Chamber of Commerce

Lake Arrowhead Weekly Stats: 4/25/2008

Lake Arrowhead Weekly UPDATE 4/25/2008 (edit/delete)
Market Statistics for Lake Arrowhead
Active Residential Listings: 1371
Active Residental Listings in Arrowhead Woods: 531
Pending Residential Sales: 134
Sold Residential Properites month to date: 44
MLS wide Median Residential Sold Month-do-date: $267,550 (#41)
Arrowhead Woods & Lake Front Median Sold Month-do-date: $450,000 (#15)
Source: MLS, Rim of the World Association of Realtors

CAMPING, HIKING, FISHING in the San Bernardino Mountains

Spring is here and summer is right around the corner. YIPPEE! And I'm sure many people share my enthusiasm. ARE YOU READY to enjoy "THE GREAT OUTDOORS?" Here in the San Bernardino Mountains, we have something for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities: CAMPING, FISHING, HIKING, OFF ROADING & MUCH MORE. So dust off the tent (or, for lightweights like ME, the RV), pack up the kids and come on up. The following are useful links that will answer questions you may have before heading out.
Start your search at the MOUNTAINTOP RANGER DISTRICT to get info on hiking trails, maps and your ADVENTURE PASS. To enjoy our forest, you MUST have a "Permit." At this link you'll learn HOW purchasing the ADVENTURE PASS helps our National Forest. You can buy the pass on-line or at one of the Ranger Stations. To see where your money is going, check out YOUR FEES AT WORK.
Make sure you click here and learn how the forest can be a wonderful experience for the kids. Then let them explore JUST FOR KIDS to find out about SMOKEY the BEAR and WOODSY OWL. Lots of fun!!
For general maps, topo maps and brochures, click HERE. This is an awesome NATIONAL TRAILS SYSTEM MAP in PDF form that shows ALL the trails across the good old USA.
For more information and more links about The San Bernardino Mountains, try the links below:
Frequently Asked Questions
Recreational Activities
Forest Rules and Regulations
Google Map to Ranger Station in SKY FOREST
Please feel FREE to call or e-me for any additional information

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