Friday, January 2, 2009


..This is Missy, please don't confuse her with a WILD CAT.

Seriously, though, let me get right to the point of my title, WE LIVE WITH WILD ANIMALS. Here in Lake Arrowhead, and our surrounding towns, we may see black bears, deer, squirrels, mountain lions, racoons and, quite often, COYOTES. I've seen them all at one time or another. Like most people, my first reaction is (after seeing my first bear), "Oh, how sweet..." They may be cute, but they are not sweet. THEY ARE WILD.

The first bear I saw was while I was showing property one spring day. As my clients strolled around the outside of the house, I glanced up a pine tree and noticed this baby black bear sitting on a limb, his little leg swinging over it. After my initial, "ahhhhh," I THOUGHT, "Uh-oh, where's Mama Bear? I calming called out to my clients to get back into my car. We quickly LEFT the scene.

Coyotes are all over the place here in the mountains. And, they LOVE small animals. Several times a week there is a "pack" of coyotes that descends upon my property and starts their yelping--which usually means they're ringing the dinner bell. This past week, an article in our local paper headlined Dog Escapes Coyote Attack. This is NOT uncommon. When you're in the mountains, you DO live with the wild animals, and we MUST respect them. Beware of them. Take extra safety precautions.

  • Keep a close eye on small children
  • Keep your kitties indoors
  • Keep a close eye on your dogs when they are outside
  • Carry a stick, cane or ski pole when taking walks
  • Don't leave garbage out where WILD animals can get into (they'll be back if you do)

  • For more information about wildlife in our mountains, visit the SAN BERNARDINO NATIONAL FOREST DEPARTMENT- Ranger Station.
    To experience wild animals in a "safe" environment, take the family to WILDHAVEN. Or, if you want to travel a tad further up the mountain, say about 25 miles, make sure you go to the BIG BEAR DISCOVERY CENTER. This place is an awesome place to learn and experience our WILDLIFE, safely.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Market Statistics for Lake Arrowhead MLS
Active Residential Listings: 838
Active Residental Listings in Arrowhead Woods: 355
Pending Residential Sales: 74
Sold Residential Properites month to date: 34
MLS wide Median Residential Sold Month-do-date: $278,720 (#34)
Arrowhead Woods & Lake Front Median Sold Month-do-date: $570,377 (#9)
Source: MLS, Rim of the World Association of Realtors
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I am not, nor have I everr been, a party person. Oh, I love to have dinner with friends and family, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and I love a nice, slushy Margarita once in a while. But, as for going to a "party" to party-hardy...well, it's just not for me. I think I was born old.
However, I don't have anything against people partying! And that is why I am posting this; because I know a lot of partying will take place on December 31 to welcome in the New Year, and I want everyone to make it a "safe and sane" party so I'll see you all here on January 1, 2009 (maybe with a headache, but here all the same).
So for those of you going out to celebrate, or maybe having the party, here are a few tips (from the non-party person) in hopes of making your NEW YEARS EVE a great safe one.
If you're going to a party, alone, make arrangements ahead of time (if you plan to drink) to have someone take you home.
If you going to a party with others, make sure some-ONE of you will be the designated driver.
If you're having the party, when your guest show up, ASK THEM if they have a designated driver. If they don't, go to PLAN B (see tips below)
If you have a local taxi company, call them and ask if they'll be available to take folks home, and what they charge.
Collect car keys at the door if your guest have NO driver.
If you THINK you may have unexpected guests spending the night; have extra pillows, blankets and linens ready. Inflatable mattresses are always good to have on hand. safe & have fun!!!
Statistics on Drinking Related Accidents
National Drunk & Drugged Driving Month
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DO NOT TEXT AND DRIVE...Starting Jan. 1 2009

HEAR YE-HEAR YE, all you CALIFORNIA Texting (while driving) experts folks. You only have a couple of days left to "press your luck." Soon it'll be a BIG NO NO. Since this past July, we've been required to have a hands-free device while talking on a cell phone when we're cruising down the road behind the wheel. Now, starting January 1, 2009, TEXTING while driving will be AGAINST THE LAW, with the same penalties as talking on a cell without a hands-free divice; $20 for the first offense and $50 for following offenses.
To check out other new laws taking affect in 2009, go to CALIFORNIA CHAMBER.
Since I can barely text while sitting in my recliner, I'm pretty sure I won't turn into a law .

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