Monday, January 28, 2013


When you're living in a four-seasons area, you really need to be prepared for ALL of them. We're in the mist of winter now, and after a couple of snow storms, I thought I'd share with you AN "ugly" little secret. I have something that helps me STAY IN A VERTICAL POSITION when I'm walking on icy walkways/driveway, etc (or up until now they have). These not-so-stylish black things in the photo are called GET-A-GRIPS. I bought them several years ago on QVC and I have been thankful ever since. 

I think most hardware stores carry these, or similar ones. They now go by another name, but they're the same thing.  (I don't like the chain type, only the clete type).


Okay, so maybe they won't make you look like a fashion Deva... but boy they make you look more graceful by staying on your feet, verses the alteritive.

Peeps have been telling me some of the stores in town are now carrying them, like JUST BROWSING in the Village.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Would You Go Out on A Limb For A Listing? Literally.

Have you ever been showing property and have your clients say, "Wow, this doesn't look anything like the picture in the magazine (or online)!" ???  I bet you have.  My answer is usually the same, "Some Realtors are really good with a camera."     SOME ARE VERY GOOD.   (I even knew a Realtor who actually climbed a TREE once to get a "peek of the lake" so she could put that description in her listing). Was she WRONG for doing this? I think so.

The same goes to describing our listings. Some wording can be MISCONSTRUED, misleading or a flat out fib. True, we run out of descriptions for homes. Also, some folks are better at coming up with new ways to say the same old stuff. There are just so many ways to say beautiful or exquisite. Either way, we really do need to be careful when we paint a picture of our listings.

Words to really use with care:

  • VIEW, PEEK OF, GREAT VIEWS; Of what? Forest? Trees? Lake? Inside your neighbors bathroom window?  Tell us.
  • NEW: This can be tricky. If you're talking about a roof or household appliances, my broker prefers we use "Newer." Even if it's a month new.
  • MOTIVATED:  Are we looking after our sellers best interest when we use this term? It MAY make our sellers sound desperate. (Okay, they may be, but I doubt we should disclose that to the world).
  • BEST BUY?  Compared to what? The best buy on the street? The town?

Since I live and sell in a mountain resort, we (many of us Realtors) use some sweet descriptions over and over when we're inputting data about a cabin we've; charmer, charming, rustic, cozy.  Before I even go look at a listing with one of these delightful words, I'm thinking, "Oh BOY...I can smell musty written all over this."   And, I am guilty of using a few of these on occasion, too.  ...but, I can honestly say that I've NEVER climbed a tree to take a picture.

 So, what's the funniest description you've ever read, or story you've heard about a Realtor whose "embellished" a tad?

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