Saturday, October 4, 2008


When you live in the mountains, you accept the fact that weather is quite different from our "flat lander" friends' weather below (Flat-lander is a GOOD term, really). Generally, our summer days are cooler, as much as 20 degrees cooler, when temps below are scorching hot. Oh, we do get hot up here, once in while. But in the fall and winter months, our temps may ALSO be cooler/colder! We have four, beautiful seasons, and we respect and love each and every one.
Respect, in that, weather can actually change quickly here: from a cool, clear, crisp fall drizzly, rainy, foggy or snowy. So, it's always a good idea to double check weather reports before heading up the mountain. You MAY be experiencing sunny skies down the mountain and think, "Oh, it can't be that bad up there..." But, in fact, it can be very "different."
Here are some sites/links that will make your search fast and, I hope, helpful... before you head out the door for your trek up the mountain.
LAKE ARROWHEAD-UP TO DATE-WEATHER (this link is for Lake Arrowhead, but you can put in another zip code or city)
WEB CAM AT LAKE ARROWHEAD VILLAGE (up to the minute view at The Village)
HIGHWAY CONDITIONS (insert Hwy number (18 for Lake Arrowhead)
WINTER DRIVING TIPS (provided by California Highway Patrol)
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