Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Dear Seller/s:

Selling a home can be frustrating. Home prices still aren't where they were in '05 & '06, though we're making some big steps. However, even in a challenging market, there are ways to increase your chances of getting YOUR HOME SOLD. Below is my list to help do just that and in the shortest amount of time. 
Keep in mind that there are conditions that we/you, cannot control: Location, Competition and Market Conditions. That said, on to my list:
  1. LISTING with the RIGHT REALTOR. Of course, I FEEL I am the "right" Realtor. But if
    you're still unsure, interview several. I am perfectly okay with that and, in fact, encourage it. Ask what he/she will do to help get your home sold. At our interview,  I will explain the "process of selling," the "Agency Relationship" and the Listing Agreement" along with the  following:
  2. PRICE: This is key in any market, but especially in a less-than-perfect market. I know your home has qualities that OTHERS in your neighborhood may not have. You've put your heart and soul into your home. Maybe you've raised your children here and it is "special" to YOU. But the average buyer doesn't care. THEY want the most bang for their buck. And an Over-priced listing sits...and sits...and sits... I will prepare a Comparative Market Analysis so you can SEE exactly what is selling in your area and, just as important, what is NOT selling. The market dictates the price we list your home and this step is vital! And don't forget about the APPRAISAL process. When you get an offer, most often the buyer is getting a loan. Your home will need to appraise for the amount of the loan in MANY cases. 
  3. PREPARE YOUR HOME: Okay, you've chosen your Realtor (ME) and now you MUST get your home "BUYER READY". You've got to step out of your seller shoes and slip into your buyer shoes. I'll  make SUGGESTIONS about things in and around your home that need addressing. OR, dressed up. It may be as easy as some fresh paint, DE-CLUTTERING or using some elbow grease to get your home "sparking" clean. Perhaps your home needs some serious fixing; roof, plumbing, updated appliances, etc. Perhaps getting a professional STAGER (ask me for a list of experts). When buyers walk into your home, we only want to hear, "Oh, I like this. I could live here!"
  4. YOUR HOME GOES ONTO THE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE(MLS): After you've signed the listing agreement, I have professional photos taken and then INPUT the information into the MLS. This is IMPORTANT. Instantly, all Realtors/Brokers/Members of our MLS Board will view your home online and, if they have interested buyers, they will contact them.
  5. INTERNET EXPOSURE: As soon as I've input your home into the MLS, I then list it on MANY different Internet Sites: MOUNTAIN COUNTRY REALTY'S FEATURED PAGE ZILLOW, TRULIA, REALBIRD, POSTLETS and many more.  Google alone will expose your home to more than 400 million monthly users.
  6. MARKETING: I will advertise your property in a local real estate magazine that have been proven to work in your area.
  7. BROKER/AGENT TOUR;  In your area, we have weekly AGENT TOURS. Realtors/Brokers go preview new listings and even preview some "repeats." This gives Realtors a chance to see, first hand, a home in which they may have interested buyers.  
  8. OPEN HOUSES: Having an Open House may expose your property to dozens of people. And since we live in a "Resort" area, we get a lot of weekend traffic. Open Houses have been/can be successful. Depending on how you feel about them, I will HOLD one periodically until YOUR home is SOLD.
  9. PREPARING INTERESTED BUYERS: I will "Pre-qual" potential buyers" before showing them your home. This eliminates unwanted stress on you and the buyer who may fall in love with your home and find out they cannot afford to purchase it.
  10. WHEN WE GET AN OFFER: We will sit down and discuss the offer and, once agreed upon, we move forward and go into escrow. I will explain the entire process and keep you posted on every step of the escrow.  But, first things first. Let's get your home prepared and listed.
Things you can do to HELP get your HOME SOLD:
  1. KEEP YOUR HOME CLEAN & PREPARED: Before leaving for work, or anywhere else, make beds, put dishes in the dishwasher, etc. ASSUME a potential buyer will be seeing your home today!
  2. MAKE HOME ACCESSIBLE: We want Realtors to be able to get into your home to show it to potential buyers, so we need a lock-box on the property. Our lock-boxes are all digital and record who is/has previewed or shown the home.
  3. SHOWINGS: When a Realtor calls to schedule an appointment to show, if possible, turn on all lights, turn on soft music, keeps pets in separate area. Put ALL valuables AWAY. Open drapes, shades and curtains. Open doors and windows (weather permitting).
  4. BE GONE: Try and be gone/away. It's been a known fact that buyers will stick around longer (we WANT that), if the sellers are not home.  IF you're unable to be gone, try and stay in a designated area. PLEASE do NOT follow the buyer around. Let the buyer's Realtor do that.
 Okay, now, let's get YOUR HOME "Listed" & SOLD!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

LAKE ARROWHEAD Weather ~ Four Mild Seasons

Lake Arrowhead has four, mild, beautiful seasons: cool, colorful & brilliant falls, gentle snowy winters, bright springs and sunny summers.
July is generally our warmest month with average temperatures in the low 80s. Summers may be unusually cooler than down in the valley by approx. 20 degrees. Warm and mild, but not too hot, summer temps in Lake Arrowhead can range between the high 60s and the low to mid 80s.

Winter temps in Lake Arrowhead may fall below freezing, but generally rise above freezing to the 30s, 40s, or even the low 50s by mid morning. Highs during the winter months average in the 40s or low 50s on warmer days. Our coldest month is January with the average Lake Arrowhead weather temperature ranging between 25 and 30 degrees.

Average yearly rainfall: 40 to 42 inches per year (a dramatic three to four inches more than the average rainfall in the overall Southern California area). We get more rain during the winter months with January/February being the wettest months.

November thru March, our average snowfall in Lake Arrowhead is approximately 80 inches.

Temps can vary between day and night during the summer, as much as 25 to 30 degrees. During the winter months, temperature ranges between day and night usually only 15 to 20 degrees.

The variety of Lake Arrowhead weather makes our resort area perfect for enjoying many outdoor activities;  From water skiing in the summer to snow skiing in the winter, Lake Arrowhead's climate offers something for everyone.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

LAKE ARROWHEAD & Surrounding Area Post Office Locations

LAKE ARROWHEAD  is a a mountain resort. And, living in the mountains, any mountains, is different in many ways than what our flat lander friends experience. We have four seasons, over 300 days of sunshine & loads of fresh air.
The one thing that we don’t have that stands out is getting mail delivery. Instead we have Post Office Boxes, and have to go pick up our own mail. I’m ok with it, and quite used to it.
Below is a list of the LAKE ARROWHEAD & surrounding locations of our Post Offices.

Lake Arrowhead Post Office 28150 Highway 189, Lake Arrowhead, CA 92352
Blue Jay Post Office 27177 State Highway 189 Ste F. Blue Jay 92317
Skyforest Post Office 951 Kuffel Canyon Rd, Skyforest
Cedar Glen Post Office 28982 Hook Creek Rd, Cedar Glen
Cedarpines Park Post Office 201 Nardy Ln, Cedarpines Park
Green Valley Lake Post Office 33271 Green Valley Lake Rd, Green Valley Lake
Crestline Post Office 23921 Lake Dr, Crestline 92325
Running Springs Post Office 2641 Palo Alto Way, Running Springs
Rimforest Post Office 26517 State Highway 18, Rimforest
Twin Peaks Post Office 753 Rose Ln, Twin Peaks 92391

Friday, February 21, 2014

TAKE A HIKE in LAKE ARROWHEAD & The San Bernardino Mountatins

Regardless if you're into serious hiking or just a gentle, little walk, we have all the trails you need in The San Bernardino Mountains..  But today I am going to concentrate on one of our most popular and well known hiking spots;  HEAPS PEAK ARBORETUM.
right here in the
This sweet little walking trail sits at an elevation of 6,000 ft above sea level on forty some acres. It is less than a mile long, winding through our National Forest, all the while teaching you about the diversity of our forests native plants, trees, wildflowers and wildlife.
Fred Heaps owned a ranch in late 1800s at this very location. After his death, the ranch became a lumber harvesting operation. But in 1922, a devastating fire destroyed the site. Six years later, the Lake Arrowhead Women's Club, headed by Mary Putnam Henck, began planting new trees. Club members and students from Lake Arrowhead Elementary School assisted in the project and in 1931, the site was officially named the Heaps Peak Reforestation Project.
Children love coming here to experience and learn all about nature. The cement pathways through the gardens have authentic animal tracks placed in them with graphic signs explaining each animal: Bobcats, black bear, mountain lion, quail, rattle snake, mule deer, and raccoons.
The arboretum is located right on Rim of The World Highway (18) between Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs....and is never closed.
So come on up, come on out and enjoy HEAPS PEAK ARBORETUM.

LAKE ARROWHEAD Homes & Lake Fronts for Sale ~ Feb. 21, 2014

LAKE ARROWHEAD IS A PRIVATE LAKE. When you live in Lake Arrowhead or one of the surrounding towns, and you want "lake rights" so you can put a boat on the lake, you MUST own property within certain boundaries (CLICK ON MAP FOR ENLARGED VERSION). For many buyers this isn't important, but for others it is a MUST.
 ARROWHEAD WOODS ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE  (AWAC) was formed (and there are CC&R's) to protect http://www.awac.biz/assets/forms/awac_map.pdfand in-force the controlling of tree trimming and removal and proposed house, garage and other structure plans.  See this boundary map of properties within "lake rights."
ARROWHEAD LAKE ASSOCIATION (ALA) serves its members and the community who choose to be apart of the Association and who lives within lake rights and owns property in Arrowhead Woods.  See this shoreline map here.
At THIS moment we have 255 "Active" Listings on the Rim O' The World Multiple Listing Service (MLS) that are within LAKE RIGHTS, including LAKEFRONT Estates. They range in price from $174,900  to  $14,800,000. There really is something for everybody in Lake Arrowhead... so come on up "for air."
(click on link above, then on upper left arrow to get to next listing)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Camping In and Around LAKE ARROWHEAD

Camping in the Lake Arrowhead Area
The Lake Arrowhead area is home to some of the most beautiful campgrounds in the state for beautiful camping experiences.
Campgrounds are meticulously maintained and most provide potable water, power and showers. They are open from May through October and access is per-night fee or Adventure Pass. It is highly recommended all visitors stop by the Arrowhead Ranger Station prior to embarking.

The three types of Adventure Passes (Daily, Weekly, Second Vehicle) are available at:

Arrowhead Ranger Station, 28104 Highway 18 (Near Arrowhead Villa Rd.) - (909)337-2444
Lake Arrowhead Chamber of Commerce in the Lake Arrowhead Village - (909)337-3715
7-Eleven, 306 S. Highway 173 (Near the Village and Highway 189) (909)336-1697
Wake and Wheel Connection, 27278-A Highway 189 in Blue Jay - (909)337-7433
Click here for a Map
Northshore Campground
Located on the Northshore near Arrowhead Community Hospital. 27 campsites are nestled among the oaks with easy acess to Deep Creek a short two mile hike away.
Click here for a Map
Crabflats Campground
Located near Running Springs off of Green Valley Road. Some of the best offroad trails around center around this 29 site campground. Free during Winter.
Click here for a Map
Dogwood Canyon Campground
Located just off Daley Canyon on Dogwood Road. 93 secluded sites surrounded by spectacular dogwood trees.
Click here for a Map
Green Valley Campground
Located near Running Springs off of Green Valley Road and nearby Green Valley Lake. 27 sites, 13 of which dedicated to vehicles up to 22 feet.

Camping along Lake Arrowhead is sure to get you in touch with nature and provide a picturesque experience like no other.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lake Arrowhead Grocery Stores. We have Several!

Usually, while I'm showing new-to-the-area buyers property, they start opening up with questions: schools?, medical facilities, hospitals, etc. And then there's the shopping interest. "Do you have grocery stores up here or do you have to go down the mountain?"
In fact, we have almost every kind of store you need on our mountain. Maybe we don't have the big warehouse stores, but they're only 20 miles away IF you shop for bulk items. For your normal weekly grocery shopping, we have all we need right here. I do most of my grocery shopping at Lake Arrowhead Village at STATER BROS. Our store has a Deli, meat department and bakery, but no pharmacy, as of yet.
Stater Bros. began way back as a little grocery store on West Yucaipa Boulevard in Yucaipa, California. Twin brothers, Cleo and Leo Stater, purchased the original Stater Bros. Market with a $600 down payment and opened for business on August 17, 1936.

By the late 40's, Cleo and Leo, was joined by their younger brother Lavoy, expanded the chain to 12 locations, with 225 employees.

In the 1950's, Stater Bros. Markets doubled to include 23 locations in the three counties of San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles.   The Bros
sold their interest in 1968, and it became a division of Petrolane Incorporated. 
Today, Stater Bros has grown to the largest privately owned Supermarket Chain in SOCAL with  165 Full Service Supermarkets in the six Southern California counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego and Kern. 
Stater Bros Mkts, Lake Arrowhead Village
Street: 28100 Highway 189
Lake Arrowhead, ca 92352-9800
Phone: (909) 337-5854
Other local markets:

Friday, January 10, 2014

Come On Up, the Weather is Fine. Warm Winter Weather in Lake Arrowhead!

Come on up, the weather is fine!  I'm serious. This is one of the warmest winters (so far) that I've experienced since moving to LAKE ARROWHEAD in 1991. It's sweater weather at a gentle 63 degrees.
One nice thing about warmer weather in the winter is that it brings people up to our area, which helps our local businesses. For instance, The Village in Lake Arrowhead. I was there this morning and, for a quite Friday, it was busy. Our community survives on tourism.
So, come up on, come on out and enjoy this perfect mountain weather.

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