Sunday, May 26, 2013

Put Down The Toilet Lid Before Taking That Picture!

A big part of selling a home is getting it prepared before it goes onto the MLS. For the sellers it means cleaning, de-cluttering, painting if needed, maybe new carpeting/flooring and getting the curb appeal in a "Honey Stop The Car" mood.

For Realtors is means something else. We have to get the "prepared" home on the market so the public can find it and fall in love. And ONE important factor is (the only one I am focusing on here) taking pictures & uploading them!  God knows I am no camera buff and I certainly am not going to try and school anyone on the art of photography, because I've taken some ugly snapshots.  However, even to a blind eye like mine knows what is a BAD picture looks like on the MLS/INTERNET! Here are a couple of examples I've seen over and over:

  • Snow on the roof in mid summer (ok maybe in Alaska).  This tells me you need to go take some new ones.
  • Toilet seats left up.  Slap that sucker down.
  • Trash cans out in front of the home with trash overflowing. Tell the owner/seller to please get it cleaned up & come back if you have too. (NO, I am not picking up trash).
  • A sideways picture of a living room/other room.  REALLY?

Well, you get the picture, right?

When you go to your listing to snap some shots, look around long and hard before clicking the button. Take a bunch so you have choices. Download and check them carefully. Do some doctoring up. Trash 'em if you must and go take more.

But please avoid those examples above;  Your listing will love you for it, and so will your seller when you stick a SOLD sign on the lawn.

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