Saturday, October 27, 2012


Some people just can't get enough of Lake Arrowhead...and I mean the LAKE, as in boating. A cruise around Lake Arrowhead (by boat) is one of the best ways to see this spectacular mountain resort's 12 miles of shoreline....There is no better place to watch our 4th of JULY Fireworks display that takes place right on the lake.... And there is no better place to enjoy time with family and friends than on a boat, on Lake Arrowhead.

At approximately 5,200 ft elevation, Lake Arrowhead is truly "above it all." It's a private lake and, in order to have access for boating, fishing, swimming, kayaking, you must be a property owner, living within "The Woods" (see link below). The Lake is owned by ARROWHEAD LAKE ASSOCIATION (ALA) and, besides owning and operating The Lake, ALA also owns Burnt Mill Beach Club, Tavern Bay Beach Club, Marina Peninsula Park and Grass Valley Lake (next to LAKE ARROWHEAD COUNTRY CLUB).

At ALA's Marina, there's everything a boater needs: launch your boat, gas it up, get a bite to eat at Nana's, or enjoy a break by the water at the Marina Peninsula Park and watch the boaters....

Now that fall is here and Old man Winter will be knocking on our door soon, most folks have already removed their boats from the lake and have them safe and secure..hatches are buttoned down. However, it IS a good time to start thinking about buying a boat or a dock--prices are usually much better after the season has closed. Other "stuff" you might want to know about having lake rights and putting a boat on the lake:

  • You MUST own property within the lake rights "The Woods" .
  • General membership fee is $60.00 approx
  • Registration fee is $200.00 per boat (with dock), $300.00 (w/out dock) Approx
  • Boats must be at least 12 ft and no longer than 26 ft.
  • Must own the boat (DMV Registration required)
  • Must carry $500,000 combined single limit liability (Arrowhead Lake Association must be named as "Additional Insured).
  • Must provide proper mooring (Slip Rental Agreement Signed by Slip owner), or day launch;
  • Must obtain a boat operator's license ($15, Open book, multiple choice test);

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