Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Silverados- Country / Rock (MAY 23, 2008)www.thesilverados.comGreat country fun as the Silverados bring Country back to Center Stage!The Silverados entertain with a Top-40 Country hit repertoire with their own Classic Rock edge.
M-80s (MAY 24, 2008)All 80's The M-80s band does an 80's tribute - a celebration of that fabulous decade of decadence. The M-80's present an incredible array of high-energy music, that spans all 1980's genres.
Hollywood Stones - Rolling Stones Tribute Band (MAY 25, 2008)"The Premier Rolling Stones Tribute Band" say WBC NewsYou'll think you are listening to Mick and the Boys.
Beverages and food available at festival area or order take-out from any one of our Specialty Restaurants. FREE Festival Seating is available on a first come / first seated basis.Reserved Tables are available by e-mailing or by calling 909-337-2533.


It HAPPENED to me; some creep got my debit card number (I had ordered something online recently) and made a nice purchase with MY money. SO he thought. I've always been way to trusting. I just hate thinking that someone is actually going to try rip me off. Well, no more!
Today, as I do everyday or every other, I opened my bank account on-line to see what checks have cleared and what my balance was. I QUICKLY noticed I had about $200 LESS than I should have. As I scrolled over to the date and name by the purchase amt., I SEE a charge for $234.00 paid to AUTO-TRADER!
AUTO-TRADER???? I thought to myself. Me? I don't think so! In fact, I have plenty of good miles left on my Subaru. Luckily, there was a number and address under the AUTO-TRADER name and I couldn't dial it fast enough.
The helpful woman who answered the phone wasn't all that shocked when I told her my bad news. In fact, she said, the "purchaser" had been flagged as he/she had quite a bit of activity the past few days. Seems the THIEF used my card number to place the ad for a scheme that I guess is fairly common: These scammers/thieves, place ads on AUTO-TRADER and then when some poor buyer says they are interested in a car (the one the THIEF placed with my card was for $29,000), then the THIEF tells the buyer to send HALF the money! YEAH....SURE!
So, BEWARE when placing orders on-line UNLESS you are certain they are VERY secure. AND, check your bank statement offen.
Fool me once, shame on you...Fool me twice, SHAME on ME. (Who said that?)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Mountain Garage Sale Weekend--May 24, 25, 26 2008

MOUNTAIN GARAGE SALE WEEKEND--Memorial Weekend; May 24, 25, 26, 2008
Twice a year, Lake Arrowhead and the surrounding mountain areas, have "Garage Sale Weekend." We have one Memorial Weekend and Labor Day Weekend. This gives our full-time and part-time mountain residents a chance to clean out, clear out, de-clutter and make a few bucks. Since 50% of our home owners are "weekenders," this is PERFECT for them IF they are selling their cabin/home. Instead of packing up unwanted pieces of furniture and other household items, they can help someone else who has just pruschased a place and is looking to furnish it without buying a bunch of new stuff. DID I mention RECYCLING? Garage Sales really are the BEST way to recycle.
Since I've had my fair share of Garage Sales over the years, I thought I'd share a few of my tips.

  1. ADVERTISE--in your local newspaper, YouTube, Craigslist

  2. SIGNS directing people to your sale. Put on your creative hat : whatever you use (cardborad, etc)Write BIG, BOLD and CLEAR. Include: date, time and address. Use directional arrows >>>>. (Make sure it is okay to put up signs in your area)

  3. CLEAN/WASH/WIPE DOWN items for sale. They'll look better and sell faster.

  4. PRICE ITEMS THE NIGHT BEFORE; use stick-on labels, A bright COLOR is good.

  5. SET UP ITEMS in some orderly fashion: Shoes in one spot, dishes is another, clothing in another, etc.

  6. WAIST HIGH tables--Make it easy for YOUR customers to check out the goodies. Bending and crawling around on the ground, just isn't that much fun. Clothing should be on hangers and hanging at eye-level.

  7. GO TO THE BANK and get $100 worth of change: ones, fives, tens and coins.

  8. SET UP A TABLE where customers can come and pay for items. KEEP jewerly here and other small valuables.

  9. WEAR a fanny pack; This can be your CASH REGISTER


  11. Most important...HAVE FUN!!!!

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