Thursday, April 10, 2008


Let's face it, finding a Realtor is not an easy task. At least finding one you're comfortable with, TRUST and LIKE. Consumers, it's vital to have a REALTOR in your corner who is knowledgeable about the AREA you want to live.You want a Realtor who KNOWS HOW TO NEGOTIATE. For buyers; to get YOU the best bang for your buck. Sellers; to get you the best price for your property. Buyers and sellers: You want a Realtor who is HONEST, ETHICAL and one YOU can TRUST--and DO trust. Anyone less, you need to say NEXT.

We (Realtors) still have a stigma to overcome. Many consumers still look as us with that Ah, you're nothing more than a used car salesman, look. In some cases, that may be true. This is not a perfect world, nor a perfect business. There are bad apples in all different careers and positions.
Long before I became a Realtor (and before the Internet), I found my Realtor by going to Open Houses. That way, I didn't feel "trapped" to use this person if I didn't feel a bond or trust. If they were pushy, I could run for the hills. I have a great gut instinct--most of the time--and use it OFTEN.

Nowadays, the Internet is where consumers--90%--begin searching for homes and a Realtor. You look at OUR pictures FIRST! (That being said, I AM going to be getting a new one). You read our bio/profile. Depending on the person doing the searching, our photo and bio can be a turn off. First impression is important, be it on or off the World Wide Web. Keep in mind, however, it is difficult to express yourself on the Internet. Even in e-mails, quite often, we may come across completely different than what we were intending to sound like.

A couple of tips to start your search for a REALTOR:
Begin your search on the Internet in the area you want to live.
Check out Realtors' profiles and bios. What does it tell YOU about that person?
How long have they been in business--and lived in the area you're searching?
Don't get stuck on the word "Expert." It is used loosely in R.E.
When you feel comfortable, shoot off an email ...if you don't want to call.
See how long it takes the Realtor to get back to you--very important!
Drive around on weekends and pop in Open Houses.

When you do find a Realtor you like, and feel a connection with, STICK with him/her.
You can find a Realtor on California Association of Realtors
Consumers, don't toss all of us in the same apple barrel. Because there are thousands and thousands of good Realtors out there. I KNOW. I am one and I can honestly say I know many others.

Find a professional Realtor you feel safe with and relax. Let them guide you through the process.

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