Friday, June 6, 2008

Lake Arrowhead's UCLA Conference Center--Bruin Woods

One of the most beautiful places in Lake Arrowhead is the UCLA CONFERENCE CENTER (BRUIN WOODS, UCLA Alumni Association's Family Resort). 40 acres of heaven at mile high elevation, fresh air and surrounded by towering pines & cedars.
The "resort" hosts over 300 conferences each year, most are University of California groups. The "resort" can accommodate conferences of up to 200 people. "Price for admission" includes lodging, three full meals, meeting rooms... and then there's the fun stuff: swimming, hiking, walking trails, tennis, ping-pong, basketball, sofatball & more.
When the "resort" was built, in 1920, it was called The North Shore Tavern, had a main lodge, nine guest cottages and was considered Lake Arrowhead's most exclusive resort. At that time, it only remained opened in summer months, as there were no roads to the North Shore--you had to be ferried across the lake from the South shore (Lake Arrowhead's Village today).

Other tidbits about the Conference Center and its History:

  1. 1940; The Cedar Guest Lodge was built to house seasonal employees.

  2. 1957; the lake and surrounding area were owned by The Los Angeles Turf Club. They sold the area, but wanted to donate the North Shore Tavern to an educational institution.

  3. 1958: The first conferences were held under the administration of UCLA-UNEX.
    The late 60's; the administration of the Center was moved to System-wide Extension, later to UCR Extension, and finally in 1982 to UCLA Business Enterprises. That's when the name of the Center changed to UCLA Conference Center.

  4. 1984, remodeling and expansion of the Center began, which included the addition of three new conference rooms and 32 two-story guest rooms with fireplaces called "Condolets".

  5. Summer 1985; BRUIN WOODS, UCLA Alumni Association's Family Resort Program opened.

  6. 1990; The addition of the Iris Conference Room and 12 additional Condolets was completed.

  7. Summer of 1995; they completed the replacement of 26 vintage rooms with 30 new Condolets.

  8. My youngest SON, Jason, is a chef here!

    Location and Map to the Conference Center
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