Monday, July 21, 2008


When you're thinking about moving into a "new" community, you want to soak up as much information about the area as possible. Most of us do our research on-line--fast and easy and it saves tons of time and, I think, money. Money on phone calls and certainly money on gas. I have complied some links below that I hope you'll find useful.

  • RIM OF THE WORLD SCHOOL DISTRICT is the reason my family moved to Lake Arrowhead. For a "report card" on each school click on THE RIM OF THE WORLD SCHOOL DISTRICT REPORT CARDS.

  • LAKE ARROWHEAD CHAMBER OF COMMERCE is chalked full of info: Calendar of Events, Visitors Center and lodging, and much, much more.

  • RIM OF THE WORLD.NET was a site started by a young man and includes, up-to-date traffic reports, accidents and fire reports, among a few things. When our mountain suffered the devastating fires, I kept a watchful eye on this site. You can even join the chat room.

  • For the outdoorsy types, a peek at US FOREST DEPARTMENT--SAN BERNARDINO MTS. will show you where the hiking trails, campgrounds and picnic areas are, and loads more.

  • Lake Arrowhead (San Bernardino Mountains) has some beautiful weather. In fact, we have four seasons; one being winter. It's always a good idea to CHECK THE WEATHER for snow reports before heading up. Even in the summer we get some awesome thunder storms.

  • STATER BROS is our local Lake Arrowhead Grocery Store. This link gives you access to that one and other nearby down-the-mountain Stater Bros. (But why would you leave the Mt's?) This store has a bakery, deli, and full meat counter.

  • LAKE ARROWHEAD CHURCHES list local churches and directions to those.

  • THE MOUNTAIN NEWS is our local newspaper for those of US who have to have a paper in hand with their morning cup of java. The paper comes out once a week, on Thursday.

  • THE BLUE JAY VILLAGE & THE LAKE ARROWHEAD VILLAGE are both great places to shop for clothing, shoes, books, music, jewelry and FOOD (restaurants!!!).

  • Lake Arrowhead is a private lake, so you'll want to know what that entails and if that is important to you. To learn about lake rights verses non lake rights and rules and regulations, check out ARROWHEAD LAKE ASSOCIATION & ARROWHEAD WOODS ARCHITECTURAL COMMITTEE. Keep in mind that there are TONS of areas that are outside of lake rights that are just as wonderful and beautiful. There is something--homes, cabins and castles--for everyone in Lake Arrowhead....


"Come up for AIR...."

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