Sunday, October 5, 2008


Map of major Southern California area codesImage via WikipediaThis is a topic that people don't want to think about, but not talking or thinking about it, doesn't make it disappear. The topic is FIRE.
By the year 2014, old, wood shake roofs MUST be replaced. Gone. History. As everyone in the nation knows, Lake Arrowhead and all of the San Bernardino Mountains have had their share of fires; the last being OCTOBER 2007, The Grass Fire. Though that fire, or prior fires during the last decade, may not have been caused by shake roofs, old shake-roofs are like matchsticks waiting to ignite. When most of our charming mountain cabins (homes) were constructed way-back-when, these shakes roofs fit the "mountain style." However, there's no style worth risking your house being in harms way during a blazing, Southern California fire.
On September 23, 2008, The SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY BOARD OF SUPERVISORS' meeting addressed the shake roof issue. They proposed that by the 2014, home owners within the FIRE OVERLAY SAFETY AREA must have their old, shake roofs replaced by roofs with a minimum Class A fire rating roof. Sellers of homes with shake roofs must have this done during escrow and before closing.
This ORDINANCE WILL become effective by January 2009. If you'd like to attend future meetings regarding this issue or others, CLICK HERE for dates and times.

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