Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I am not, nor have I everr been, a party person. Oh, I love to have dinner with friends and family, celebrating birthdays and holidays, and I love a nice, slushy Margarita once in a while. But, as for going to a "party" to party-hardy...well, it's just not for me. I think I was born old.
However, I don't have anything against people partying! And that is why I am posting this; because I know a lot of partying will take place on December 31 to welcome in the New Year, and I want everyone to make it a "safe and sane" party so I'll see you all here on January 1, 2009 (maybe with a headache, but here all the same).
So for those of you going out to celebrate, or maybe having the party, here are a few tips (from the non-party person) in hopes of making your NEW YEARS EVE a great safe one.
If you're going to a party, alone, make arrangements ahead of time (if you plan to drink) to have someone take you home.
If you going to a party with others, make sure some-ONE of you will be the designated driver.
If you're having the party, when your guest show up, ASK THEM if they have a designated driver. If they don't, go to PLAN B (see tips below)
If you have a local taxi company, call them and ask if they'll be available to take folks home, and what they charge.
Collect car keys at the door if your guest have NO driver.
If you THINK you may have unexpected guests spending the night; have extra pillows, blankets and linens ready. Inflatable mattresses are always good to have on hand.
Lastly....be safe & have fun!!!
Statistics on Drinking Related Accidents
National Drunk & Drugged Driving Month
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