Sunday, September 13, 2009

Places to Eat in Lake Arrowhead

There are MANY places to get a good meal in Lake Arrowhead, but I've just added a few of my fav's. Enjoy

ANTLER'S INN in Twin Peaks. TRUE mountain ambiance.
SADDLEBACK INN in Lake Arrowhead... goes way back to the Hollywood days.
BIN 189 in the RESORT. Now this is what I call FANCY!
BILL'S VILLAGER in Blue Jay, is a down-to-earth kind of place to eat.
CASUAL ELEGANCE in Aqua Fria, is as the name says; Elegant.
BORDERLINE in Blue Jay; a taste of American and Mexican. (Two of my sons have worked as cooks here long, long ago)
PAPAGAYOS at Lake Arrowhead Village is truly my favorite place to eat (they make a mean margarita!)
BELGIAN WAFFLE WORKS lakeside at The Village. Awesome breakfast and lunch!

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