Monday, December 10, 2012


Just because Old Man winter is here, doesn't mean we don't have fun in Lake Arrowhead. We do!
Below I've added a few things you can do while visiting the local mountains. So, bundle up, come on up and have some winter fun!

1. National Forest Association of San Bernardino, spring, summer, fall and WINTER our forest folks always have something exciting to offer. Check it out.
2.Rim Nordic cross county skiing OR regular skiing at one of our local mountain resorts.
3. WildHaven : Their motto is "Preserving wildlife helps heal the human spirit." and it's easy to see that they mean it, when you visit this awesome place.
4.Lake Arrowhead Village: Take a casual walk around the Village, shop and dine or...
5. Take a tour on the Arrowhead Queen. On the tour you'll learn so much information about Lake Arrowhead, but especially the "movie stars" of yesteryear!
6. Rim Bowling: Okay, now this really is a year round activity... what are you waiting for?

See! So many things to do in Lake Arrowhead and other mountain communities. ;-)

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