Monday, February 18, 2013

There's A Storm A Comin'. PROTECT YOUR PIPES!

Southern California mountain folks are about to be slapped around by Mother Nature, again, as a cold winter storm heads our way.OLD MAN WINTER Temps are expected to start dropping fast and snow levels may be down as low as 2,000 (that is low). A foot of snow (or more) is expected....

Last month many of us suffered frozen (or worse, busted) pipes. So this time, we may all want to try even harder to avoid that problem. Some good tips to help are:

  • Making sure exposed pipes are wrapped
  • Part timers need to turn off their water and drain their pipes
  • Part timers need to keep their thermostat turned up to at least 55
  • Full timers can open their cupboards under their sinks so heat gets in
  • Full timers can let their hot water facets drip at night

More tips here.



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