Friday, February 21, 2014

TAKE A HIKE in LAKE ARROWHEAD & The San Bernardino Mountatins

Regardless if you're into serious hiking or just a gentle, little walk, we have all the trails you need in The San Bernardino Mountains..  But today I am going to concentrate on one of our most popular and well known hiking spots;  HEAPS PEAK ARBORETUM.
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This sweet little walking trail sits at an elevation of 6,000 ft above sea level on forty some acres. It is less than a mile long, winding through our National Forest, all the while teaching you about the diversity of our forests native plants, trees, wildflowers and wildlife.
Fred Heaps owned a ranch in late 1800s at this very location. After his death, the ranch became a lumber harvesting operation. But in 1922, a devastating fire destroyed the site. Six years later, the Lake Arrowhead Women's Club, headed by Mary Putnam Henck, began planting new trees. Club members and students from Lake Arrowhead Elementary School assisted in the project and in 1931, the site was officially named the Heaps Peak Reforestation Project.
Children love coming here to experience and learn all about nature. The cement pathways through the gardens have authentic animal tracks placed in them with graphic signs explaining each animal: Bobcats, black bear, mountain lion, quail, rattle snake, mule deer, and raccoons.
The arboretum is located right on Rim of The World Highway (18) between Lake Arrowhead and Running Springs....and is never closed.
So come on up, come on out and enjoy HEAPS PEAK ARBORETUM.

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