Saturday, November 8, 2008


DOMESTIC ABUSE happens in large cities. It happens in small communities. IT can HAPPEN to anyone, regardless of race, color, religion, political background, education... DOMESTIC VIOLENCE has NO boundaries.
I was a young mother in the 60's with two little boys and married to an animal. I EXPERIENCED domestic abuse first HAND, literally. IN those days when I called the police after being beat, they would show up, peer down at my bloodied face and say, "We have to see him hit you, "Ma'am." Thank GOD I was one of the lucky ones and finally escaped that beast, and that lifestyle. Thank GOD times have changed some when it comes to domestic violence. It hasn't been eliminated by no stretch of the imagination and never will be. But there are so many wonderful groups and shelters now-a-days where a victim can go seek help.
Even in our little mountain community, we have an awesome place called D.O.V.E.S, (DOMESTIC VIOLENCE EDUCATION & SERVICES). The staff is always available--day or night--to help YOU.

Let me explain some of the things you will find on this helpful site:

  • How to define IF you ARE being abused (there are MANY forms)
  • General Information
  • Are you READY to GET OUT, and HOW
  • The areas/towns DOVES services (ALL of Southern CA)
  • Legal Services
  • Tips for FAMILIES
  • Shelter SERVICES
  • How to GET RID OF the SITE from your computer once you've gone there!!!

    ...and much, much more. So please, if you ARE IN A VIOLENT RELATIONSHIP, contact D.O.V.E.S. They will help you!

    And DON'T BE ASHAMED. I AM NOT. Look, I escaped and I'm alive and well TODAY, able to write about DOMESTIC VIOLENCE right here, right now.

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