Saturday, November 8, 2008


ON YOUR COMPUTER, GO TO... Then, scroll down to the POST titled "WHAT IS A BLOG? BLOGGING? GOOGLE JUICE? "You can see, first hand, what my BLOG looks like--which will give you an idea of what you CAN to promote your business.

Basically, BLOG means "Web log", a Web site, usually maintained by a person who submits regular entries (POSTS) of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics, pictures or videos, usually in reverse-chronological order. I call it my Online Diary.

ACTIVERAIN is where I learned to blog, and blog almost daily. This site has over 111,000 members--the largest blogging site for Realtors in the world. It’s FREE and you’ll learn just about anything you can think of that has to do with websites, blogging and Real Estate. CLICK HERE to view Kat's Active/Rain blog

There are many FREE blog sites available to set up your own BLOG, be it for business or personal use. I have several blogs. I use (BLOGGER).com, because I found it to be one of the most user friendly, with easy templates to pick and choose. To start off (after you click on the link I provided) go to SIGN UP. Create a user-name and password. THINK about the user-name and the name you are about to give your BLOG. If it is for business, then be especially thoughtful.

GOOGLE JUICE: It's Internet slang meaning "the substance which flows between web pages through their hyperlinks." Pages with many links pointing to them acquire 'Google Juice.' I ALWAYS add hyperlinks to my posts, as you will see on my blog.

WIKIPEDIA= Online/Web/Encyclopedia. This is awesome!!!

WIDGETS? A web widget is a "code" that can be installed within a separate HTML-(link) based web page. It can be a calculator, clock, games, and on and on.... Go to WidgetBox to see the zillions of things you can add to your blog or website. I'm a WIDGET-a-holic!

Great links to go and explore to learn more about BLOGGING:

Now….go get busy.

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