Friday, October 17, 2008

Lake Arrowhead "Village" in The San Bernardino Mountains

LAKE ARROWHEAD VILLAGE has something for everyone. Rides for the kiddies, ducks to feed, eateries that cater to every single taste-bud: Mexican, American, from Waffles to Sushi, and more. Much more. There's shopping galore or benches to sit on...relax, kick back and watch people stroll by (that's my favorite thing to do). Supposedly (and I haven't actually counted) there are 50 plus shops, restaurants and attractions at The Village. You can even get your hair done. AND all of this is on the lower level of The Village.
When I first moved here, one day while shopping at LAKE ARROWHEAD's VILLAGE, I saw a very young Michelle Quan dancing around the sidewalks, pretending to be ice skating...I had no idea at the time, who this tiny person was or what she was about to become.
Almost every weekend during the year--even in the winter--there is some special event taking place at The Village. For instance, in summer months, we have SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA'S LARGEST FREE SUMMER CONCERTS. Also, every Friday, there is a FARMER'S MARKET. One of the most enjoyable events for me this summer was the ANTIQUE CARS AND WOODEN BOAT SHOW. That was too much fun! Then as fall nears, we have the OCTOBER FEST, and the list goes on and on.
But back to shopping.... Stores at The Village range from Tattle-Tails, a cutsie store that carries "special" items for children, including clothing and toys (I bought my new grandson his "favorite" stuffed horsie there) to Outlet stores: shoes, purses, clothing, etc. You need it, there's a shop with it.
To get a feel, and loads of information, about Lake Arrowhead, take a ride on THE QUEEN. The captain at the helm will take you around the lake all the while explaining the history, the depth, pointing out celebrities (older, now moved) homes, just to name a few. Kids and adults alike love taking this approx. hour voyage.
OCTOBER FEST begins in September and runs through October. Every weekend, all weekend, this event starts at noon. Come enjoy the music and yummy German food provided by Papagayos (my FAV Mexican eatery!).
So... take a little tour of THE VILLAGE, in LAKE ARROWHEAD, and see for yourself why you need to come on down!

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THIS IS ORIGINAL CONTENT WRITTEN BY, and pictures taken by, Kat DeLong

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