Friday, October 17, 2008


Dear Seller:
We (Realtors) know how frustrating it is when you get a LOW BALL offer on your home. After all, it's a wonderful home. You've raised your kids here. You KNOW it's priced right. AND you can't afford to take less; you have your blood, sweat and tears in this place. SO, when you get one of those nasty, ridiculous offers, your first instinct is to be mailto:%5E*#@%& off....justifiably so.
"Tell that Realtor to tell his client ...blah, blah, blah with his offer..." You may blurt out.
Instead, you need to take a deep breath. Take a walk. Take a chill-pill. More importantly, you need to let the offer simmer. Let the buyer wait until (almost) the expiration period he/she has given you, expires. Almost, but not until it actually runs out. This lets the buyer know you may not be as desperate as he may think you are. Because, desperation only reaps desperate responses.
The market stinks right now, for sellers. It REALLY is a buyer's market. But even the buyers aren't jumping allover all the great deals they have at their disposable. They're VERY cautious. So, before you blow off that low ball offer, give it some consideration! Work with your Realtor to come up with a "reasonable" counter."
There's an old saying in the Real Estate World; YOUR FIRST OFFER MAY BE YOUR BEST OFFER.

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