Friday, October 17, 2008


You know something that really gets on my LAST NERVE? (Well, one of several, I guess); When I call a Realtor with a question about one of his/her listings and he/she never gets back to me. EVER. This doesn't happen a lot, but even once is too much as far as I'm concerned. UNLESS you have a good excuse.
I have a client who called me three days ago about a listing I had emailed him. "Please ask the listing agent...." he asked. I said, "Of course. I'll get back to you as soon as I find out."
Immediately, I call the listing Realtor and get put into the Realtor's voice mail. I leave a message. THEN I call the Realtor's cell. Again, I leave a message. 24 hours later... still, NOTHING. I email the Realtor. 12 hours later...still, NOTHING. Okay, it's been three days now. NOTHING!
Times are tough in Real Estate and when I have a buyer who is generally interested in buying (these are buyers I've been working with), I do my best to find out the information the client needs/requests. (I do that even in a GOOD market).
I not only feel frustrated with THAT listing Realtor's lack of courtesy, but I felt like a big boob when I had to call my buyer and say, "Sorry, the Realtor hasn't gotten back to me." THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR BUSINESS. IT'S NOT PROFESSIONAL.
Now before you come up with a dozen excuses for this Realtor, let me say:
The Realtor is ON the mountain (we live on a mt) and NOT out of town.
The Realtor has been on ActiveRain several times this week, since my calls, so I "assume" the Realtor IS available and most likely checked his/her email!!!
Here's how I look at it: The Realtor could at least call me and say: There's already an offer on it...It's going into escrow as we speak... OR, whatever. Just call and say "something." PLEASE.
Am I calling again? No. Am I over-reacting? (I have been known to once or twice in my life). Go can tell me.
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